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The application process

To apply for one or more job positions, you must register yourself with the HRMaster system of Swiss Gebäudetechnik Personalverleih GmbH. Registration is absolutely free and takes approximately 10 minutes. We would like to highlight that the more accurate the application form is filled out, the more accurate view we can share with our clients about our applicants professional background and qualifications.

The legal basis for us to use and handle personal data is based on the applicant’s consent. When registering, please read the Privacy Notice, which you can use to check with the checkbox. This description includes the purpose, legal basis, the duration of the data management, and your rights you can live with during the administration.

Registration on our Career page is possible by clicking the link below or clicking on the image:




Beyond the registration you must apply for at least one of our open positions (ie, job) advertised. You can do this after logging in the system or right now, together with the registration process.

Scrolling to the bottom of the page by clicking the “sign up” button you can register without applying for a position.

The open positions are shown in the box below. By clicking on the details, on the left side of the new page you can sign up for the position inmediately.

Registration guide

Select one of the above mentioned methods will leave you at our registration page. Here, the mandatory fields are marked in red in color and with a star. As we mentioned earlier, the more accurate the application form is filled out,  the more chance we will have to provide to our clients a clear picture about your professinal background and qualifications.

I would like to highlight some points that might be useful during the registration process.

  1.  How to enter dates 
  2.  Language Skills 
  3.  Provide work experience
  4.  Position information
  5.  Data saving

1) During registration, you will be asked to enter dates. To do that you can simply enter the date or use the pop-up calendar. Please make sure if you enter the date manually to put a slash after every number otherwise the system will not accept it. Eg: 21/05/2010.

2) When entering the language skills please also provide your mother language not just the languages you have studied.

To mark your language level, please use the following options:

  1. A1|A2 – Basic level with language exam
  2. B1|B2 – Intermediate level with language exam
  3. C1|C2 – Advanced level with language exam
  4. Mother language
  5. Basic level with professional vocabulary

3) When filling the Job Experience field, please include in the comment section what materials and technologies you have worked with in your previous workplaces. When entering dates, if you do not know exactly the start and end dates, please give it roughly.

4) In the Position Information field, please provide a date when you will be free to start working. Here you can enter working days or a specific date. This information is particularly important.

5) After filling out the required fields, please read the Privacy Statement and, if you accept it, click on the check box and on the save button.

You have reached the end of the registration process. Within a few minutes you will receive an automatic reply email to your previously specify email address from our system with some link how you can enter your profile

 Thank you for signing up in our system!

How to use the system

First click on the password modifier link in the email that you received from our system. Here you can set your new password, you can not change the user name. After the password change you can enter the system either from top menu or from the link mentioned in the email. The password must be at least 6 characters long and include at least one capital letter and a number.

When you are done with the previous step you can log in with the link 

After you log in you will see this picture. On the left side the menu will pop up if you click on the 3 lines on the left.

In the system you can check the all open positions and apply to them. You can also access you data you previously entered. You can modify or your data here. You can also have the possibility to delete your profil.  After you finished the editing you can save your work with the icon on the top right corner. Please be aware  if you dont save after editing your profile the system wont remeber your modifications.