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Privacy Policy

By using this Website, you (hereafter: Candidate) you share personal data with the owner of the Website. The owner of the Website treats your data based on your approval, in case you give it by accepting this Privacy Policy.

The Controller of your data (hereafter: Agency) hereby declares the conditions about the data they receive from you and about your respective rights.

In case the Candidate do not accept the Privacy Police or withdraw their previous acceptance, it will be considered as they do not contribute to the data handling detailed in this Privacy Policy. The Agency will not register the Candidate in the database, will not handle their data and will not be able to look for work for the Candidate if they do not accept the way of the data handling. If the Candidate withdraw their acceptance, the Agency removes them from the database with free of charge and by the conditions detailed below.

Processing the Candidate’s data includes every operation done with their personal data or information (for example: name, age, education, previous occupations, e-mail address). This kind process  includes collection, storage, systematization, introduction for the Agency’s employees, forwarding, selecting, deleting by request, etc.

Legislation of data handling

The Agency handles the Candidate’s personal data based on the Candidate’s approval, the applicable Hungarian law (Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information), the legislative conditions and the respective norms of the European Union (The European Council and European Parliament (EU) Regulation 2016/679, the GDPR). The Agency considers the safety of data, the Candidate’s personal right and their legitimate interest. The Agency aspires to use the least possible amount of the Candidate’s personal data in all stages of job searching process.

Controlling and Processing your data

This Privacy Policy has been produced by the Data Controller.

Company’s name: Swiss Gebäudetechnik Personalverleih GmbH

registry number: CHE-379.849.907

Address: Switzerland 5036 Oberentfelden, Ausserfeldstrasse 9.,m

The Data Controller enlists contributors (in the following: Data Processors) during the data handling process.

  • Evolution Consulting Kft. (3527 Hungary, Miskolc, Bathory Istvan Street 12.)
  • SG Personal Hungary Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. (3527 Hungary, Miskolc, Krusper Street 2.)
  • Treuhandburo FIDEMEDIA GmbH (5707 Switzerland, Seengen Altackerstrasse 14)

The Agency requires the compliance of this Privacy Policy from the Data Processors as well.

The process of job searching and choosing also includes the colleagues of the Agency and the Data Processors who handle the Candidate’s data according to the Candidate’s approval and sign a Statement of Confidentiality.

The choosing process

The Candidate upload their required data for job searching to their profile, available on the Website. Based on the mandates of different employers, the Agency advertises positions on the Website that contains the Candidate’s profile. In case the Candidate would like to be part of the recruitment process, they have to give a separate approval to use their personal data for the given job opportunity. Then, the Agency creates a data sheet from the data that can be found in the Candidate’s profile and sends it to the contractor or employer who placed the advertisement. The CV features the Candidate’s name, birth date, education, professional experiences and language skills. The Agency does not share the Candidate’s photo and contact information. The Candidate can always check the status of the recruitment process in their profile. Once the recruitment process is closed, the advertising employer will no longer use the received date and deletes within a year, latest.

Sometimes it is possible that the Candidate will be contacted based on the material they uploaded without specifically applying or a positioin. In that case, only the Agency or the aforementioned Data Handler can be the one who makes the contact.

If otherwise not regulated by law, the Data Handler can manage personal data without an additional approval or even after the Candidate’ withdrawal if it serves the validation of their or a third party’s legal interest, if it is proportionate with the limitations of the rights concerning the safety of personal data.

The data’s content and source

The Agency controls the technical identification data generated by using the Website, the personal data uploaded by the Candidate, their CV, application material and their data collected from job interviews. The Agency primarily handles the generated technical data from the Website in a way that is not suitable for the identification of the Candidate.

The purpose of data handling

The purpose of data handling is that the Agency can find a suitable position for the Candidate and to sign a contract with them themselves or to arrange a contract between the Candidate and an employer. The Agency finds a job for the Candidate or hire them themselves. After the Candidate gives their personal data to the Agency, they handle it during the whole job searching process in a way that is suitable for the Candidate’s approval and for the given job category. In case it is required to use the personal data for another reason, the Agency notifies the Candidate beforehand and only uses it for that purpose if the Candidate give their approval. In some exceptional cases, the law permits the usage of personal data for another purposes with strict conditions (for example: someone’s vital interest, an important public interest, etc.)

The period of data handling

The data handling can only be expanded for the period of the job searching process which lasts from the submission of the application until the signing of a contract for a suitable position.

The Agency deletes the Candidate’s personal data, if:

  • the Candidate ask to remove their personal data and forbids its further usage, or
  • the Candidate withdraw their permission for data handling, or
  • the Candidate will not log in to their profile for a year, or
  • the way of data handling is not suitable for the conditions of the respective law or the authorities or a court order the removal of data.

In case of removal or the obligation of removal, the Agency simultaneously notifies all parties who know about the personal data or can access it. The Candidate always receive a notification of removal as well.

If these conditions occur, the Agency deletes the Candidate’s data immediately or within 25 days latest. In case it does not happen, the Agency notifies the Candidate about its reason in 25 days. If the Candidate have already signed a contract for a suitable position or have not logged in to their profile for more than a year, the Candidate can ask the Agency to keep handling their data instead of deleting it.

The period of data handling can be longer if the Agency is obliged to keep managing the data because of a law or another legal bound. For example, if someone’s vital interest or an important public interest regarding the data handling require it, similar to the case of the Agency’s legal submission or validation.

Forwarding data

The Agency only forwards the Candidate’s personal data to a third party if it serves the purpose of signing a contract for a position specified as the goal of the data handling. The data can only be forwarded to the Agency, the Data Handlers and employers who offer a position suitable for the Candidate and the Candidate applies to said position. If we forward the Candidate’s data, we notify the Candidate, except if it is proves to be impossible or would require a disproportionately big effort.

The Agency only forwards the Candidate’s data to partners who declare that they fulfill the necessary requirements about regular and safe data handling and do not forward the data to someone else (except when it is legally required). The data will only be available for the Data Controller, the Data Processor and the possible employer who are all based in the European Union or Switzerland. In certain situations it can be legally mandatory to handle the data differently with conditions specified in one of the involved countries’ laws, for example in case of law enforcement or authority control.

Safe data handling

The Agency protects the handled data from unauthorized access, changing, forwarding, publication, removal, eradication, illicit management, accidentally eradication or damage and from being unavailable because of technical reasons.

The Candidate can always access and maintain their personal data using the Website. Their access is provided by a password-protected profile. The personal data given by the Candidate can only be accessible by the parties involved in the deployment or the contracting process. The Agency guarantees the organization of the data handling work of their own employees to make it a safe process. Our purpose is that the Candidate’s personal data would only be handled for the necessary scale and time period by all parties involved.

In case the safety of the Candidate’s data would be damaged or threatened because of an illicit activity (data protection incident), the Agency would do any reasonable measure to restore the safety of data. If it is justified, all parties involved will be notified immediately.

Rights and enforcement

The Agency would like to notify the Candidate that they can obtain information about handling their data and they can withdraw their approval of this Privacy Policy regarding the future handling of their data at any time, without any fee applicable. The Candidate can enforce rights about data handling based on the conditions listed in this Privacy Policy and in the applicable statutory provisions.

For the Candidate’s written request, the Data Controller gives information about the managed data, the data processed by them or by the entrusted Data Processors, its sources, the purpose, legal basis and period of data handling, the Data Processors’ name, address and respective activity, the circumstances and effects of a data protection incident, the measures made for averting them and in case of forwarding the Candidate’s data, they also give information about the legal basis and the recipient. This notification is free once a year but for other occasions the Data Controller has the right to ask for a sum proportionate of the fulfillment of the notification. The Data Controller gives the notification immediately, but at the latest within 25 days after they receive the request.

The Candidate can always access they uploaded data by using the Website. The Candidate can overview, edit and delete their data or the whole profile. The Candidate can protest against the management of their right even if it is legally required.

If the Candidate reckon that their rights concerning their personal data has been violated, they have the right to

  • make a complaint to The Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Hungary, Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 22c.),
  • turn to a court to enforce their rights,
  • request the compensation for the damages done.

The Agency reserves the right to temporarily block or according to the main rule, delete the data after notification if it is false or cannot be complied with the purpose of data handling.

Modifications in the content of the Privacy Policy

The Agency reserves the right to unilaterally renounce the operation of the Website and the management of the Candidate’s personal rights after notice.

In case the Agency modifies the content of this Privacy Policy in a serious matter, the Agency notifies the Candidate beforehand and only continues to handle their personal data if the Candidate accept the modification.

It is also possible to handle the personal data in case if it is required for the enforcement of the Data Controller’s or a third party’s legal interest, proportionate of the limitation of the security of personal data, even if the approval of the Candidate is impossible to obtain or would require a disproportionately large fee.

Cookies and the technical data regarding the usage of the Website

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What kind of cookies do we use?

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Blocking the cookies

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For questions not listed in this Privacy Policy the respective laws apply.

Persons between the age of 16 and 18 and those whose abilities are limited to act, can only accept this way of data handling with the approval or follow-up agreement of a legally authorized representative (parent).

I acknowledge that the approval of this Privacy Policy is voluntary and done by free choice. I have read and understood this Privacy Policy. I accept its content and approve that the Agency can handle my personal data accordingly.

The content of this Privacy Policy is protected by copyright. It is forbidden to copy or use it without permission.