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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


A.1. A SWISS Gebäudetechnik Personalverleih GmbH. The web site (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) is owned and operated by SWISS Gebäudetechnik Personalverleih GmbH. (CHE-379,849,907 Swiss company registered at 5036 Oberentfelden, Ausserfeldstrasse 9), hereinafter referred to as “SG Personal GmbH.”

2. The user

The use of the Website operated by SG Personal GmbH is subject to the conditions of access to the advertisers, ie those on the Internet or to the jobs advertised by SG Personal GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “the Applicant”) (browser, are accepted in this document (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Service”). The User acknowledges that you agree to these Terms of Service by accepting or accepting the provisions of this Terms and Conditions by accessing SG Personal GmbH’s Web site and browsing the Website.

3. The Website

These Terms and Conditions cover all domain names registered by SG Personal GmbH or SG Personal GmbH (“sg-personal.hu”, “sg-personal.ch”, “svajciallas.hu”, “dolgozozzsvajcban.hu “). To view the information on this site, you do not need to enter your personal information. However, SG Personal GmbH reserves the right to pre-register the Website, its subpages, and the availability of certain services available there (eg: Login). In these cases, prior to the inclusion of the data, SG Personal GmbH informs the data subject of the data management rules and obtains their prior consent for data handling.

B) Website Terms of Use:

Users may only use the Website at their sole discretion. The main conditions for this use are: Anyone may use the link to the Website, that is to say SG Personal GmbH (link), however, the manner and the extent of use may not be in violation of the conditions set out in Section C of this Service Terms. It is forbidden to mention the contact with SG Personal GmbH in an untruthful, misleading manner. Use of the logo and trademarks of SG Personal GmbH is subject to prior written permission.

C) Content of the Website and the Intellectual Property Rights therein The design, definition, sorting, layout, editing and content of SG Personal GmbH’s Website, as well as the content of the content (collectively referred to as “Content”), is subject to copyright. SG Personal GmbH is solely entitled to exercise the rights attaching thereto. The copyright holder is SG Personal GmbH, so SG Personal GmbH is only authorized to authorize each use for others. Without the prior written permission of SG Personal GmbH, it is forbidden to duplicate, copy, distribute or store any Content or any part thereof in any form unless SG Personal GmbH expressly declares that it permits any of these uses. It is also forbidden to create or modify any material, whether based on or based on the Content, including the production of text, images, graphics, logos, photographs, audio and video material, and the Content without the prior permission of SG Personal GmbH for commercial use, disclosure and dissemination , any other use and distribution of the Internet. SG Personal GmbH, however, agrees that Users may store, or print copies of the Website or its parts for personal use on their own computer. SG Personal GmbH may modify, update, or revoke the Content as a whole or at any time without prior notice. If the User voluntarily submits material to SG Personal GmbH through the Website or its sub-pages or through any of its communication channels on the Website, by voluntarily submitting the material, it permits the voluntary submission of the material to SG Personal GmbH without payment of a non-exclusive, time and space to obtain unlimited usage rights. In view of the foregoing, the User may only submit to him / her any material or other materials to SG Personal GmbH in respect of which he has the exclusive rights to use. If such voluntarily submitted material is the property of the User, but does not consent to the fulfillment of our published services by SG Personal GmbH or its content, or if it does not comply with its Personal Data Management Policies, then the material will be deleted.

D) The responsibility of SG Personal GmbH

Users use the Website solely for their own sake and SG Personal GmbH will not be liable for any negligent damages arising out of the use of the Website or as a consequence of the incorrect, incorrect or incomplete Content. The User acknowledges that SG Personal GmbH is not responsible for any errors, damages, viruses or any loss of data on the User’s Computer, unauthorized access to the User’s computer or network, or any other third-party or force majeure event related damages. E) Data security for the Website Users shall not violate or attempt to violate the security of the Website, in particular: you are not allowed access to data not intended for the User or to log on to a server or ID for which the User is not eligible; it is forbidden to attempt to investigate, test, test, or endanger system or network vulnerability without violating system security or authority control measures; it is forbidden to attempt to interfere with any service provided by a user, host or network (for example, it is forbidden to place viruses on the Website, overload, overflow, flooding, spam, mail bombardments ] or “crashing”); it is not permitted to send unsolicited e-mails, including the promotion of products or services, and / or advertisements.


F.1. General provisions SG Personal GmbH undertakes to comply with the applicable legal provisions in the operation of the Website and in the provision of certain services available on the Website, with special attention the protection of individuals in the VI. law, Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information. (“Infotv.”), Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (“Eht.”) and the 2001 CVIII Act regulating certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services. (“Ekertv.”), and the National Data Protection and Information Authority’s recommendations on the topic. SG Personal GmbH also adheres to the relevant European Union legal acts, in particular Directive 95/46 / EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data where they are directly applicable.

F.2. Provide user information SG Personal GmbH will disclose in detail and unambiguous information to Users about the data handling of the Website or the use of certain services available on the Website, such as the manner, purpose, legal basis of the data handling, the data types managed, , the duration of the data handling, the User’s rights and remedies for data handling, and the fact that the data is compulsory or based on consent. In the case of mandatory data handling, disclosure of the data handling shall also be the disclosure of the reference to the legal provisions containing the above information.


SG Personal GmbH may at any time modify the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice. The User acknowledges and agrees that any changes to the Terms of Service are binding on them.


If a visit to a Web site or the use of the available service is subject to registration, the User accepts and agrees to accept the terms of use of the additional services linked to this Terms and Conditions. User is required to: (a) to provide complete information on the Registration Data sheet in accordance with the reality, at the time of registration; b) immediately update and improve the registration data in case of change. In the event of inaccuracy, omission or inaccuracy of the data provided by the User, SG Perosnal GmbH has the right to partially or completely suspend or terminate the User’s access to the Website or any service.